Marsha Bucanek

Intake Coordinator

"Maybe the hardest part of life is just having the courage to try.”
— Rachel Hollis

Marsha is the Intake Coordinator for Texas Surrogacy. She is a CAPPA Birth Doula, Birth Boot Camp Instructor, and a Hypobabies Doula. Most importantly, Marsha is extremely intuitive, which may have something to do with the fact that she can wiggle her ears. She’s originally from Houston, Texas and married her high school sweetheart (scratch that — MIDDLE SCHOOL Sweetheart), and together they have two beautiful little girls. Marsha and her family enjoy spending time outdoors and traveling. They are adding to their family this Spring by taking the puppy plunge!

Why she started working in surrogacy

“As a birth doula I have the privilege of supporting families welcoming their children into the world. Surrogacy was my opportunity to contribute on an even deeper level. Now I am honored to take my experience as a gestational carrier and help others on their journey."

Why she’s passionate about working in this industry

“As a mommy to two amazing little girls, I know how complete they make my life. Helping other families to reach the same level of joy is one of the most fulfilling careers I can imagine.”

How she’d use her surrogacy compensation

“To save for the future.”

What kind of intended parents she’d want to work with

"Oh this is so individualized, I would have to say someone who can’t imagine a greater joy in their life, than having their child in their arms.”

Her faves 


Hmmm...probably Parenthood. It was my postpartum binge show!


Fajita Enchiladas!


Ever changing! Today I would say periwinkle.


Garth Brooks


Harry Potter Series




Texas Aggies


Anything my 6 year old comes up with.

happy (2).png

Watching my children react to knew experiences!

sad (2).png

Someone else eating the last donut :)


English, some ASL


Hiking and Reading (but not at the same time).