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Who do you work with?

“I serve people (all over the world) who are looking to grow their families and secure their legal rights to their children.”

What do you do for them?

“As a family-building attorney, I explore my clients' goals and backgrounds to customize their best option to grow their family- whether that is through egg, sperm, or embryo donation, surrogacy, or a variety of adoption options.”

Why do you do what you do, particularly as it relates to surrogacy/growing families?

"Because I formerly matched intended parents to surrogates, I have a wholistic view when helping them plan expectations. This means their surrogacy agreement is custom-fitted to their situation and needs and reflects creative solutions that fit everyone's needs."

What is your favorite part of your job?

“My favorite part of serving others is seeing people happy beyond their wildest dreams. I can't explain how grateful it makes me feel for someone to place their trust in me to bring their dreams to reality. My clients have gone through extreme turmoil and hardship and they and their loved ones often feel discouraged and uncertain. To help them overcome those odds is a true honor. One thing that people don't understand is how my client's parents have often resigned themselves to thinking they'll never be grandparents because their child is LGBTQI, has physical challenges, or has dealt with extensive infertility. Seeing the wonder in their faces when they see their child become parents--a dream and expectation they thought was ripped from them, it is truly amazing. And seeing them soak in their role as grandparents is the cherry on the cake.”

What is your favorite memory or story from working at your job?

"There's no way I could pick a favorite memory! I truly adore the families I serve and I think of them often--even years after they've built families and moved on. Their children's faces are truly the legacy of my life's work."

How do people get in touch with you?

People can reach out to me at sharna@cacereslawfirm.com or at (210)464-6456 to start their family-building journey.

give them a call at 210-464-6456 or visit their website atwww.cacereslawfirm.com.