5 Things I Learned From Being A Gestational Carrier

The question comes up often “What did you learn from being a surrogate? Are there any things you would have changed or done differently?” Well of course I learned a thing or two and might have changed some things looking back. 

  1. This pregnancy may not follow the pattern of your previous pregnancies. I found myself much sicker and very tired. I was a bit shocked at first, but when you have the added hormones of the medications, it absolutely makes sense. Other ladies are lucky enough to have less sickness than with their own pregnancies. 

  2. Use your support system! As a mom of two who owns my own business, I had to learn to ask for help when I needed it. This wasn’t just a journey I was on with my IM, my family was a part of it too. That meant my husband picking up my slack when needed and the occasional day of a friend coming to entertain the kids so I could rest. I leaned to listen to my body and let my support people SUPPORT!

  3. Carrying someone else’s baby for nine months is not at all like carrying your own. At least for me it wasn’t. I had awkward moments of congratulations, where I looked at the person confused. Then I realized, oh yes, I am pregnant! Moments like this happened often and I learned to take them in stride. Sometimes I would smile and nod and go about my business. Other times my children stepped in to explain it wasn’t “our baby” and I had the privilege of explaining surrogacy to a complete stranger. I learned to be okay with that.

  4. Number 3 leads me into number 4. I learned how to express the beauty of surrogacy. I began the process nervous and unsure of how to share my journey with those around me. I was afraid of other people’s reactions, only to find that most of those around me thought it was as amazing as I did. It is through their support that I gained the confidence to fully express myself during the pregnancy and become and advocate. 

  5. I gained a high respect for everything that goes into welcoming a new baby into the world through surrogacy. The leaps of faith and amounts of science all rolled together and shared between the carrier and parents are truly astounding. The journey is typically a long one, but because of the reproductive endocrinologist, nurses and everyone else who supports the process along the way: parents are made every day. 

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