Curious about costs?

Agency fees

  • Agency Fee – 1st Installment (due upon Match Acceptance) $14,000

  • Agency Fee – 2nd Installment (due upon GC contract signature) $14,000

  • Surrogate Rematch Fee $7,000

  • International Surcharge $3,000

  • Independent Match Concierge Services - $22,000

*Texas is proud to offer a 20% discount to active duty military members.

Surrogate fees

  • Surrogate Fee (add $5,000 per additional fetus) $40,000 - $55,000

  • Surrogate Expense Allowance ($200 per month, est. 14 months) ~$2,800

  • Housekeeping Allowance ($200 per month, est. 9 months) ~$1800

  • Maternity Clothing Allowance ($1,000 for multiples pregnancy) ~$750

  • Group Support Meeting Allowance ($75 per month, est. 10 months) ~$750

  • Embryo Transfer Fee $1,500

  • Additional Procedure Fees (e.g. transfer fee, in utero prenatal testing) ~$750 - $2,500+

  • Childcare/Lost Wages/Maternity Leave (negotiated, based on actual cost) ~$ actual costs

Screening and IVF costs

  • Mental Health Screening for IPs and Surrogate Included

  • Background Checks on IPs, Surrogate and Surrogate Partner Included

  • Medical Screening, IVF Fees, Medication Costs ~$25,000 - $50,000

  • Donor Egg Acquisition (if applicable) ~$10,000

Attorneys/escrow fees

  • Surrogacy Contract/Pre-Birth Order Filing $4,000 - $6,000

  • Stipend for Surrogate Independent Attorney $3,000

  • Power of Attorney/Living will for Gestational Carrier $5,000

  • Escrow Account Fee $2,000

Health insurance/healthcare fees surrogate

  • Scenario 1 – Surrogate/Spouse Employer Health Plan w/no Exclusion ~$750 - $9,000+

  • Scenario 2 – Individual Plan – Affordable Care Act (ACA) ~$6,000 - $12,000

  • Scenario 3 – Fee-for-service Cash Pay ~$26,000 - $50,000

Life insurance fees

  • Life Insurance for Surrogate $750 - $1,000

Travel costs

  • Airfare/Train/Bus/Car vary

  • Hotels vary

  • Per Diem vary

  • Taxis/Rental Car/Parking vary

Restriction of activities/lost wages

  • Lost Wages (for long distance travel to IVF clinic, bed rest) vary

  • Childcare (may not be necessary or may be capped) vary

International newborn health insurance

Newborn Cash Pay Fee-for-Service (no upper limit) ~$3,000 - $125,000

  • The second installment of the Agency Fee is held in escrow from match acceptance but is not considered earned until signature of Gestational Carrier Agreement.

  • Additional procedure fees usually range from $500 - $2,500 and may not be necessary.

  • Lost Wages are calculated based on surrogate pay less any short term disability or employer-provided maternity coverage.

  • If your selected Reproductive Endocrinologist requires testing in addition to what our agency provides this will incur extra cost.

  • This is an estimate of costs. There is no guarantee of an upper limit on costs with cash pay.


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