4 Gay Parenting Myths

At Texas Surrogacy, we believe whole-heartedly that everyone has the right to be a parent, however that may look for them. Using a gestational carrier is just one of the options available. We are proud to be a piece of the “becoming a family” puzzle. We have gestational surrogates who carry for people from a variety of life situations, backgrounds and locations. We take great pride in the way this creates such a beautiful diversity in the families we serve. 

That doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of those who still unfairly believe that some configurations of family are not created equal to heterosexual parents. There are a number of false ideas floating around about the effects of having a member of the LGBTQ as a parent. Here are 4 myths we continue to see.

Gay Parents Will Raise Gay Kids

There is nothing evidence based that supports this claim, yet there are still people who believe this misstatement. Children raised by gay parents are not any more likely to be gay than children raised about straight parents. What is a fact? Research shows that the children of gay parents will grow up to be more tolerant to diversity. This is something to be celebrated. 

Kids Need Parents of Each Gender

Sexual orientation has nothing to do with being good parent! Having a loving home with strong role models, quality time and parental involvement are some of the most important things in a child’s life. This is not limited to the union of a man and woman as some believe; the acceptance of gay parents is on the rise, and we are here for it. ☺

A Surrogate Won’t Want To Carry A Child For A Gay Couple

Sure, there are surrogates who choose not to match with a gay couple. This is often due to their personal or religious beliefs. However, there are just as many surrogates who want to carry for a gay couple more than anything! These carriers want to share in the joy of helping a gay couple on the journey to parenthood for a number or reasons. Some may have members of their own families who have been unable to welcome a child into their home due to their sexual orientation, or they are a member or the community themselves and want to help another couple grow their family. There is more and more support growing for both the surrogacy and LGBTQ community every day. 

Gay Couples’ Relationships Aren’t as Stable as Heterosexual Couples’ Relationships

Oh the falsities! Same sex couples who live together have the same amount of relationship stability as straight couples who live together. In fact, same sex couples who are married may actually have the advantage of a more stable marriage than their straight counterparts.  

The take away? When you welcome your child into a healthy, nurturing and loving home you are the perfect parent(s) for them. They will thrive and grow into inclusive members of our society and spread their love and knowledge with others. Thank you for being there to guide them!

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