Two Sassy Sisters Focus on Texas Surrogacy Matching and Local Support

The Mismatch!

A few years ago, two sisters working on the legal side of gestational surrogacy arrangements discovered a hole. While there were many amazing surrogacy agencies they knew and loved, almost all of them functioned on a national basis, with headquarters in places like California or Massachusetts, and often with no one on the ground understanding local needs. Most hopeful parents-to-be would be put on a waiting list and were at the whims of fate as to where their gestational carrier would be located – maybe in a neighboring state, if lucky, but more often, a plane ride or two away.  

On the other side, amazing women in Texas were raising their hands that they wanted to give the most selfless gift possible, the gift of carrying a child for another family. But they found themselves matched with families on the other side of the country or the other side of the world.

There had to be a better way! Why not provide a service that focused on providing on-the-ground resources and local matching

The light bulb was lit, and the sisters got to work building a local network to support Texas gestational carriers and offering intended parents the knowledge of where their gestational carrier would be located and supported – locally in Texas!

Everything Is Bigger in Texas, Especially Our Hearts!

The sisters were the perfect match for Texas Surrogacy! While Ellen, an attorney specialized in assisted reproductive technology law, loves to think big picture, every day dreaming of new ways to improve the journey and better support families and those wanting to help them; Jenn is the ultimate type-A personality, making sure every detail is covered and well before anyone thinks to ask!  

Texas has been the perfect match for the sisters’ locally-focused model. Texan surrogates have the biggest hearts, as well as deeply-seated values rooted in helping others and making the world a better place -- paired with boundless Lone Star pride! 

In 2018, Texas Surrogacy joined the Bright Futures Families, LLC group, as sister agency to Colorado Surrogacy, Montana Surrogacy, New Mexico Surrogacy and New England Surrogacy – each branch focusing on local support and matching, while sharing resources and ideas. 

On the side, the sisters somehow find time for a true labor of love; a weekly podcast called, I Want to Put a Baby in You. Yes, really.  And while the name might be alarming (and hopefully funny), it is a platform for real-life stories of surrogates and intended parents, professionals and others whose lives have been changed by assisted reproductive technology, to be shared with the world

The Texas Surrogacy team believes in the importance of family, and we are passionate about our surrogacy matching services as a result. We know that no one comes to surrogacy lightly or because it is their first choice. Most come to us because it is their last shot at achieving their dream of a family. We work hard to make certain that a difficult burden is made all that much lighter and as easy as possible. We are grateful for the trust placed in us and look forward to continuing to fulfill dreams and hold Texas grown babies.  

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