Doula's for Texas IP's & Surrogates

Have you been hearing the term doula more and more often? The term and idea are not new; doulas have been around as long as women have been giving birth. Though originally there was no name attached to the role, and a female family member or community elder automatically filled it without question. This is because, as a whole, we knew what childbirth looked like, and how to support each other during this amazing time. But as technology has progressed, and our own exposure to birth has decreased, we have lost this built-in support system. As a result, during the 1960’s the role of “doula” emerged and has blossomed into the amazing thing it is today. As we live further and further away from our families, we seek support elsewhere. Childbirth experts to support the emotional and physical needs of not only the birthing person, but also new parents alike, have become the norm and we are absolutely for it!

Are you a gestational surrogate (GC) preparing to give birth? If you are a part of the surrogacy online community, I am sure you have seen that more and more GC’s are adding a doula to their birth team. The drive behind this movement is that this is just about the most unique birth experience anyone will ever have. While, yes, you are giving birth, it is not to your own baby. This creates an interesting dynamic of care that can be complicated for medical staff to show proper attention to. This allows some great places a doula is able to step in and really help. She is able to ensure that the proper terminology is used and respected, while also providing you, the carrier, with physical and emotional support. You may need or want your partner to stay home and care for your own children while you birth. She is able to ensure that you still receive the one on one attention you need during this time. She is also there to remind you of your autonomy. When faced with medical augmentations and interventions, she is there to help walk you through the options presented to you and to remind you of your voice and ability to decline or ask for more information. Her goal is to nurture you during the pregnancy and your birth experience. 

Maybe you are an intended parent (IP) who wants support during the birth of your child. Though you aren’t physically delivering baby, you will go through a number of emotions bigger than you can even begin imagine, and you likely won’t want to miss a second of the birth. A birth doula is able to offer you the support you need as well. During the birth, she is able to offer the same break down and humanization of medical options presented to you, and to remind you of your own voice for your baby. She can handle outside things for you so you are 100% free to focus on the arrival of your baby. This may be by ensuring you receive the proper fuel you need, to handling the influx of support being shown to you by family through communication or an in-person presence. After baby has arrived she is also able to help with the initial feeding process and newborn procedures if desired. Again, she is there to nurture you in the ways you need most. 

The ability for a birth doula to offer support is endless. By adding one to your birth team you are creating a bubble of care solely focused on offering you the best support, without outside restraint. Whether you are looking as a gestational carrier, intended parent, or wanting one doula to support all the above, great doulas are there and ready to help. This is your journey, plan for the best experience. 

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