Surrogacy in the News: Real People, Real Life

We all see surrogacy in the news, right? We know that Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris, Kim Kardashian and, well, you get the point, have all used surrogates to help build their family. These celebrities who struggle to keep a balance of their fame and private life have opened our eyes to how much more common surrogacy has become. Often, the first time someone hears about surrogacy is through a news story covering a celebrity use of it. But let’s remember that like with other parts of their lives, unfair assumptions are often made. 

None of the celebrities listed above chose surrogacy as some sort of easier route. This was a long and complicated process for them just as it was for other couples who struggle with infertility. Yes, they may have more money available to them than most, but that doesn’t negate their struggle with infertility or being unable to carry as a male-male couple. Kim Kardashian was criticized as only using a surrogate to preserve her figure (Not true by the way, she had complications making it unsafe for her to carry herself again.) Neil Patrick Harris was shamed for not adopting. Their stories of false accusations and shame are not unique though. These are the same types of things that are said about and to everyday couples on this journey daily. 

My hope is that as we spread more fact-based information about surrogacy and that we see people open their eyes and hearts to couples on this journey. Let’s show and share grace. So many beautiful families have been made possible by these huge advancements in science and medical care. We are lucky to have these well-known faces out their advocating for this amazing process! Let their stories help inspire you while you walk the path of your own. 

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